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We understand your craving — as summer quickly approaches some nautical puns are a summer essential. Perhaps you are thinking, how good can a pun reelly be? Whale, we feel inclined to challenge that. We have conquered the pun world beforeso we have had some practice. We have listed around puns with nautical references, we are shore they will give your upcoming summer days some excitement and comedy. Did you know, less than five percent of our oceans have been explored?

Do not let this small number discourage the limitless ocean puns you can make! Feel free to get inspired as you delve into the depths of our ocean puns. You do not need to travel to a Beach to have a sunny day — we bet our list will brighten your day wherever you are! You wanted to go bigger than a beach, but smaller than an ocean? We sea you, buddy. It is not just the Bermuda Triangle that you can get lost in, keep reading our sea puns and lose yourself in our whirlpool of puns!

Shells are strikingly unique and withdifferent types, there is so much opportunity to get creative! Shell we begin? So maybe our other beach puns were clever and funny, but we know they can be funnier.

We will dedicate this section entirely to funny beach puns, absolutely guaranteeing a laugh.

weather puns reddit

All in all, we hope that we have not pier-pressured you into thinking these jokes are funny, and that you whaley did have a good time! We had so much fun coming up with these oceans puns and we hope we have inspired you to come up with some of your own. As the ocean carries many mysteries and unique creatures, these puns add to the its spectacular existence. Caring for our oceans is very important, especially when it is so vulnerable to human exposure.

If the ocean is not your thing, we have plenty of interesting articles about freshwater fish and fish you could keep in your own aquarium. If you think of any other great ocean puns, share them below — we get so much joy herring your ideas…. The Cherry Shrimp is one of the most popular invertebrate around. Native to Taiwan they come in various shades of red and are in fact graded more on this later.

Its vibrant color, and ease to keep, makes it very popular in particular for beginner aquarists. In this ultimate guide [Continue reading …]. An aquarium needs to be kept clean. If the water becomes polluted, your fish will get sick.

Every aquarium needs some form of filtration. Having the best aquarium filter is the most common method of keeping your water clean. These days finding the right filter is not easy as there [Continue reading …]. Choosing an aquarium filter can be difficult at times. They all vary in shape, size and functionality.

We understand the struggle of navigating through all of this, and wondering what to take into consideration and what to ignore. In this article we are here to advise you on hang on [Continue reading …]. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Table of Contents show. About Robert Articles.

Robert Woods is the creator of FishKeeping World, a third generation fish keeper and a graduate in animal welfare and behavior. Non-Fish Tank Mates.Fall has a lot going for it… cooler weather, pretty scenery, pumpkin-flavored beverages up the wazoo. For all those reasons and more, many people consider autumn the best season of all. The only complaint? All too soon, those colorful leaves are gone and the temperature has dropped to tookus-freezing levels.

The moral of this story is to make the most of fall while it lasts. And what better way to celebrate the season than with some awesomely awful autumnal puns? Greetings Looking for a clever way to wish someone a happy fall? Here are some punny options.

Did this list of fall puns leaf you wanting more? What month does every tree dread? Why did the lions move at the end of summer? Because the pride goeth before the fall! What did autumn say to summer? Make like a tree and leave! What type of vehicle should you use for a fall hayride? An autumn-mobile! Did you hear about the tree who deserted the forest at the end of fall? He was absent without leaves!

Why do trees hate going back to school in the fall? What do you call a dude who really likes autumn? A fall guy! What did the leaf say to autumn? What do trees say when they get their leaves back in spring? What a re-leaf! Why did the tree worry that he would never get his leaves back after autumn?

What did the lawn say to the rake last autumn? Leaf me alone! What kind of vest should you wear in the fall? A har-vest! Humpty Dumpty had a great fall — hope you do too! Hold onto your nuts — fall is here! Crisp air, fall fairs, color everywhere… hope this autumn leaves you feeling refreshed.

Have a great fall! Just wanted to leaf you with my best wishes for fall. Orange you glad the leaves are turning? With all the pumpkins around, autumn is definitely the most gourd-geous season. More Wording Ideas.Q: What did the thermometer say to the other thermometer? A: You make my temperature rise.

Because she wanted to be able to tell when Not really Suddenly the bar door swings open a In one case, a Here in the panhandle it got pretty hot in this area. In Fa One day he looked out the window and said, "It looks like a One looks skywards and says, He was eating his lunch under a tree when an old-tim The bartender asks why he is ordering a Hurri His lights were not on.

The moon was not out. A lady was cros We never had such unusual weather What's the difference between 'weather' and 'climate'? You can 't 'weather' a tree, but Because it Because if they travelled slowly, we'd have to call them A: One is reined up and the other ra If not, it alre The condu Because she expected some change in the wea I'll tell you when it clear Because of all the kings and queens that reigned rained ther Bill: I just went outside and there it was It's called Monday What did one tornado say to the other?

A: You make my temperature riseShort Spring Jokes When do monkeys fall from the sky? During Ape-ril showers! Can February March? No, but April May! Why is everyone so tired on April 1? Because they've just finished a long, 31 day March!

What season is it when you are on a trampoline? What flowers grow on faces? Tulips Two-lips! Why are trees very forgiving? Why is the letter A like a flower? A bee B comes after it! When do people start using their trampoline? Spring-Time What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit hole?

A hot cross bunny What did the tree say to spring? What a re-leaf. What do you call a girl with a frog on her head? What does the Easter Bunny order at a Chinese Restaurant? Hop Suey! What do you call a rabbit with fleas?

Bugs Bunny What does the Easter Rabbit get for making a basket? Two points just like everybody! Knock Knock Who's there? June who? After lunch they reported to the teacher that they had a flat tire. Much to their relief she smiled and said, "Well, you missed a test today so take seats apart from one another and take out a piece of paper.The lightning is quite striking!

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70 Funny Halloween Puns That'll Give All Your Ghoul Friends a Good Cackle

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Need help finding a dermatologist? Click here. By Maria Monrovia Updated October 17, Bad weather is snow laughing matter, but weather puns sure are! When the moment strikes, pull these babies out for the perfect laugh. Get the best of Thought Catalog in your inbox.

Weather Jokes

About the author Part-time writer, full-time romantic. Future author, forever Pisces.Water is everywhere, and it is the one thing that we need for life on this planet. Whether you have a job working with water or just like water puns, these puns and water jokes are perfect for you. You can use some of the puns to make your own creative jokes or just use the water puns as they are written. H20 is water, but what is H? A man goes to the doctor because he is sick, and the doctor gives him 20 pills that he has to drink with a glass of water each.

What do I have, doc? Everyone was worried when Lassie started barking about Timmy falling in a hole of water, but they knew she meant well. This is a fairly obvious pun about water. How do you know if an ant is a boy or a girl?

weather puns reddit

What do you call it when a guy throws his laptop into the ocean? Did you ever hear the joke about the three holes in the ground? Well, well, well. Twenty people are underneath an umbrella. How many of those people get wet? No one said it was raining. There are two reasons why you should never drink toilet water.

Number one. And number two. Why does the river have problems remembering things? Because she is becoming sea nile. What did one water bottle ask the other water bottle? Water you doing today? A blond was driving down the road when she noticed another blonde rowing a boat in the middle of a field. If Smart water were actually smart, then why did it get bottled?

Excellent question. The weatherman said it might get a bit drizzly outside. Why is sex similar to a thunderstorm? You can never know how many inches you will get or how long it will last.

What is a genuinely funny joke everyone should hear? - (r/AskReddit)

What did the hail storm tell the roof? How is a horse different from the weather? One rains down and the other is reined up. How does Santa deliver gifts during a thunderstorm? He flies his body with a bunch of rain-deer.

A man knocked on my door and asked for a donation to the new swimming pool.These jokes about cold weather are great for parents, grandparents, teachers, babysitters, weathermen and anyone looking to get a laugh during a cold spell. So chill out and share some smiles these funny jokes, cold weather riddles, winter knock-knock jokes and more.

Q: Where did the storm tropper go to warm up during the arctic blast of cold weather? A: The Darth Mall. Snow Snow who? Snow use. I forgot my name again. Q: Which winter month do people sleep the least? A: February it has the least amount of days.

How cold is it? A: Never catch snowflakes on your tongue until all the birds have flown south for the winter. Q: Why is the slippery ice like music? Q: Why did the boy keep his trumpet outside when it was so cold? A: Because he liked cool music. Never search for clean Halloween jokes again — Download them now instead.

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weather puns reddit

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