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A Nature Research Journal. Targeted delivery of a nanovaccine loaded with a tumor antigen and adjuvant to the lymph nodes LNs is an attractive approach for improving cancer immunotherapy outcomes. However, the application of this technique is restricted by the paucity of suitable tumor-associated antigens TAAs and the sophisticated technology required to identify tumor neoantigens.

Lymph nodes LNs are immunological organs that are strategically positioned at sites where antigens drain from peripheral tissues 1. Once antigens are presented by antigen-presenting cells APCs residing in the tumor-draining LNs, an adaptive immune response is generated to defend against a tumor. Given the vital role of draining LNs in antitumor immunity, LNs have been considered a strategic target for cancer immunotherapy. For cancer vaccines, the targeted delivery of antigens and adjuvants to LNs to manipulate the LN microenvironment has a great promise 2.

Several recent studies have shown that LN-targeted delivery of nanovaccines awakened humoral and cellular immune responses to fight cancers 34. However, the number of available tumor-associated antigens TAAswhich are a key component of vaccines, to load onto the nanovaccines are very limited for most types of cancers 56.

Although several TAAs for melanoma have been defined, such as melanocyte differentiation antigens MDAsthe immunogenicity of TAAs is highly variable among individuals, and TAAs can undergo immune-editing to escape immune recognition during tumor development 7.

sp8 ma 2016 ln a2

In addition, neoantigens that arise as a consequence of tumor-specific mutations have been proved to be of particular relevance to tumor control 8910but the prediction of individualized neoantigens is mainly restrained by sophisticated technology 11 Compared to above specific tumor antigens, whole-cell tumor antigens provide a broad spectrum of tumor antigens, thereby avoiding the costly and time-consuming process of identifying TAAs or neoantigens in a particular type of cancer Importantly, vaccines based on whole-cell tumor antigens can potentially elicit a stronger antitumor immune response, greatly decreasing the chance of tumor escape and recurrence.

Based on these observations, we hypothesized that the ideal LN-targeted nanovaccinces should utilize whole-cell tumor antigens rather than a single TAA, neoantigen or model antigen to generate a robust immune response against multiple antigen epitopes. Recently, Shi et al. However, the loaded whole-cell tumor antigens were generated from the repeated freezing and thawing of the tumor cells in vitro, which involved a substantial time commitment and inconveniences in clinical practice.

Some approaches have been proposed to promote the release of whole-cell tumor antigens in situ, such as local radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and oncolytic viruses. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop an effective LN-targeted whole-cell nanovaccine that can promote the release of whole-cell tumor antigens in situ and can activate APCs in LNs.

sp8 ma 2016 ln a2

Melittin is the major component of European bee venom and has been used in traditional medicine to treat various diseases through its transdermal administration This peptide can induce tumor necrosis or apoptosis by disrupting cell membranes, accompanied with the release intracellular contents such as whole-tumor antigens and damage-associated molecular patterns Meanwhile, melittin, as a cationic host defense peptide, processes a wide variety of immunomodulatory effects 19 However, these effects are moderate and insufficient to elicit a robust antitumor immune response because of the narrow safe dose range and hemolysis side effect of melittin In addition, the efficacy of melittin is also limited by unfavorable distribution because upon the subcutaneous s.Author contributions: D.

Reviewers: D. The essence of the adaptive immune response depends on the specificity of antigen receptors.

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We identified multiple TCR pairs shared between tumors, but not control samples. Although recent reports have concluded that anticancer T-cell responses depend on patient-specific mutation-associated neoantigens, this study provides evidence that T cells also recognize shared antigens. Infiltration of T cells in breast tumors correlates with improved survival of patients with breast cancer, despite relatively few mutations in these tumors.

To determine if T-cell specificity can be harnessed to augment immunotherapies of breast cancer, we sought to identify the alpha—beta paired T-cell receptors TCRs of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes shared between multiple patients. Analysis of TCR sequences from primary tumors showed about fourfold more overlap in tumor-involved relative to tumor-free sentinel lymph nodes.

Harnessing these T cells may provide practical strategies to improve the shared antigen-specific response to breast cancer. Targeted immune-based therapies hold great promise toward improving breast cancer treatments 67. Studies have examined the immune phenotype of breast cancer tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes TILssuggesting that activated nonsuppressive T cells are of most benefit 8. Further assessment of the TIL repertoire has broad implications for breast cancer therapies in antigen discovery, cancer vaccines, and adoptive cell therapies 7.

Unique genetic recombination events are required to produce the T-cell receptor TCR reviewed in 9. The alpha- and beta-chains of the TCR undergo V D J recombination and heterodimerize in the thymus, resulting in a diverse T-cell repertoire that specifically recognizes peptide—MHC complexes.

Pairs are readily identified after expansion of T-cell clones, although culture of T cells can lead to substantial skewing of the repertoire 14which may select for T cells of varied affinity or avidity Single-cell sequencing identifies alpha—beta pairs, but is often laborious and has relatively low throughput.

Tumor-reactive TCR pairs can be generated from activated T cells after culture with an autologous tumor using gene capture followed by frequency-based matching Recently, a high-throughput statistical method to determine the matched alpha—beta pairs was published, demonstrating high-fidelity pairing by this combinatorial analysis We sought to develop a method that was well-suited for limiting numbers of T cells ex vivo.

In addition, we reasoned that identified TCRs shared between patients would target shared antigens due to the low incidence of common mutations in breast cancer as well as the low mutational burden This technique facilitates the analysis of large numbers of TCR pairs from single cells.

However, the technique, as published, is limited to amplification of a single V-beta gene and a limited number of V-alpha genes. To elucidate the T-cell repertoire responding to breast cancer, we required a method that included primers recognizing all potential TCR V genes. Finally, we identified multiple shared alpha—beta pairs among patient tumors that were not present in control samples. These primers included overlapping complementary regions to facilitate annealing of the appropriate alpha and beta genes to each other during the initial PCR.

To determine the robustness of this protocol and the fidelity of alpha—beta pairing, we mixed 10 hybridomas expressing different, known alpha- and beta-TCRs before adding them to the emulsion RT-PCR protocol Table S4.

Replicate samples were processed and sequenced without the emulsion, using the same cycling parameters for all steps to determine pairing fidelity and efficiency Fig. Analysis of the incorrect pairs showed no single alpha-chain was dominantly paired with any given beta-chain, or vice versa, suggesting random pairing in the absence of the emulsion.

Although the hybridomas were added in equal numbers, the recovered read frequencies rarely reflected the input frequencies Fig. Real-time PCR of the TCR transcripts from the hybridomas before adding them to the emulsion showed the ratio of the alpha- to beta-transcript, and the amount of transcript between clones varied greatly, likely skewing the resulting sequences Fig. Error bars represent SD from the mean. The average read count wasacross five experiments.

We next applied this technology to identify shared T-cell clonotypes in TILs of patients with breast cancer. Patients provided consent and were HLA-typed, and their tissue samples were collected Table 1. Sixty frequently identified TCR pairs across all repertoires were analyzed for the diversity of binding partners of the alpha- and beta-TCR chains.

Pairing efficiency of patient-derived TCRs exhibits predominant pairing with a single partner. We found that 7. The right LN was tumor-involved, whereas the left LN was tumor-free. A total of 9. Comparison of the TIL repertoires revealed This sunny first floor corner unit features updated eat-in kitchen with tiled floor and newer Samsung appliances.

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Identification of shared TCR sequences from T cells in human breast cancer using emulsion RT-PCR

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sp8 ma 2016 ln a2

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